Benefits for You

Enrollment begins when your healthcare provider completes and submits a simple enrollment form.
This starts a benefits investigation, which helps you and your provider to better understand your health insurance. This service is provided at no cost for patients enrolled in the TOGETHER with TESARO™ program.


Health Insurance and Coverage Support

TOGETHER with TESARO provides a benefits investigation to you and your healthcare provider's office at no cost. The benefits investigation helps provide details about what is and is not covered with regard to your treatment and any other processes or considerations that your healthcare provider should know about.

Once your healthcare provider enrolls you in the program, your Case Manager will:

  • Look into your specific coverage and benefits details, and send the benefits summary to you and/or your healthcare provider
  • Work with your healthcare provider's office to address and provide guidance on your health plan's specific insurance processes for treatment coverage

You may also contact your TOGETHER with TESARO Case Manager directly to request a benefits investigation.

Quick Start and Bridge Programs

You may qualify for a 15-day supply of ZEJULA at no cost in the event of an insurance coverage delay.* This will allow you to start your treatment quickly and efficiently, according to your treatment plan. Terms and conditions apply.

*Maximum of 5 refills pending resolution of related coverage delay.

Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program


The Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program may reduce out-of-pocket costs if you are commercially insured.

  • Reduces your co-pay and/or coinsurance to $0 with a $26,000 annual maximum
  • The virtual card can be initiated and utilized by specialty pharmacies or your healthcare provider's office
  • Enrollment is completed by your healthcare provider
  • No income requirements apply
  • The Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program is not retroactive. It can only be applied forward from the date of enrollment for 12 months. A year from enrollment, the card expires and must be reactivated through your healthcare provider's office

Talk with your healthcare provider to learn more about the Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program.

Referrals to Patient Advocacy Organizations

Referrals to Patient Advocacy Organizations includes unique support services, peer to peer support, and non-copay support.

Referrals to Other Financial Resources

Referrals to Other Financial Resources includes assistance finding other sources of financial support based on your eligibility for these programs and services.

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

If you're uninsured or underinsured, and meet our financial eligibility criteria, you may qualify for the Patient Assistance Program to receive your treatments for free. If this is the case, someone may reach out to you or your healthcare provider to schedule your shipments to ensure receipt prior to your treatment date. Please note, you will need to obtain, complete, and sign a patient consent form from your healthcare provider.